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107 NORTH SIDE SQUARE, HUNTSVILLE, AL 35801  | (256) 907-7174  


Enjoy Laid Back Vibes

Relax at Chuco Underground

Located in a spot, just below a busy Huntsville square, that’s built around bringing people together to enjoy a good time. Whether you start the night with us or come in as the last stop, you’ll enjoy the chance to slow down in a town moving at rocket speed.

Chuco Underground bar and seating area with guests
Chuco Underground bartender handing drink with smoke pouring out

Cocktail Cultured

From classic libations to specialty drinks crafted just for Chuco Underground, our menu is where you can savor everything from timeless favorites to custom-crafted specialties. Our bartenders help ensure there’s a drink for everyone to enjoy.

Bring Your Friends & Stay a While

Chuco Underground represents both vintage and modern and has that “local only” feel yet is distinctly warm and inclusive. Relax in our luxury setting while sipping a diverse range of beverages that serve as the perfect backdrop for conversations and time with friends.

Ladies laughing at the Chuco Underground bar with drinks in hand

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